About Us

Who are we?

Horror Valley was founded by Sonja and Davor, a peculiar couple with a mutual passion for horror. We live, breathe and create horrific things. Besides that, we are nearly normal everyday people.

Passion for all horror things

Our passion for horror started with horror movies and we literally watched thousands of them. Besides that, we love horror books, props, spooky decorative elements and even horror food!

Halloween is really important to us

We are Halloween fans too. We love all the little gadgets and props to add to our Halloween spirit. We count the days to Halloween several months ahead and celebrate each year with great excitement. We have prepared tones of various Halloween treats, potions, and cute creepy Halloween decoration.

After all, horror stories

We have noticed that there are not enough spooky and creepy horror stories we can use to foster the Halloween spirit during our celebration.

Davor is the talented guy, bearing in his mind different ideas for his stories simultaneously. It comes to him so naturally, like he was born that way. He is the essence of Horror Valley, his ideas keep us moving.

Sonja is more like a mastermind, ready to develop the ideas and put it into the market. She is in charge of this website, marketing, proofreading and such stuff. Sonja also has an important motivational and inspirational role in Horror Valley because Davor’s ideas mostly occur when Sonja is nearby. We don’t say that’s normal, but this is how we do it.